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Jasna Salim: Story of Muslim girl, making Lord Krishna’s painting for 6 years

Jasna Salim, a Muslim woman from Kozhikode, Kerala, has set a unique example of harmony. Actually, Jasna Salim is so absorbed in the devotion of Lord Krishna that she has painted more than 500 photos of Krishna for the last 6 years.

Lord Krishna’s paintings made by Jasna are so popular that people are now getting orders to make paintings from all over the country. They are getting orders not only from Kerala but also from neighboring states like Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Describing her talent, Jasna Salim says, “I have been drawing Krishna’s paintings for 6 years. Earlier, I have not made sketches in my life, but it seems that the image of Krishna has been printed in my mind for years.”

Jasna also told that, “last week I got a chance to unveil one of my Krishna paintings at Ulayanad Shri Krishna Temple and it was the first time in my life that I went inside a temple and saw the idol.”


28-year-old Jasna Salim belongs to a conservative family in Koylandi in the North Kerala district. she has made more than 500 paintings of Lord Krishna so far, bypassing the strong objections of many relatives in his family. Her paintings are going to be taken in large numbers in the state and outside.

Jasna Salim is a married woman and they also have two children. Jasna Salim says that she had to face opposition from her family many times at home for making the idol of Lord Krishna.

It was her husband who advised her not to do so, but she continued with her work, ignoring the words of her husband as well as conservative parents and other relatives.


All the paintings of Jasna Salim, whether done on canvas or on glass, are all of the same types in them, Bal Krishna is seen eating butter.

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