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When Salahuddin Ayyubi saved King of England ‘Richard the Lionheart’ life during Accra Fort war

Sultan Salahuddin Ayyubi or Saladin Ayubbid originally full name was An-Nasir Salah ad-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub who was born in 1138 and died on 4 March 1193. He was 12th-century Kurdish Muslim warrior from contemporary northern Iraq. Countries of that time (Sham) were the rulers of Syria and Egypt. After death of Nuruddin Jangi, Sultan of Syria and Egypt, his two brothers began to rule, but when both brothers died one after other, now Salahuddin, most loyal and closest of Nuruddin Jangi, was made the ruler.

Accra Fort war between Salahuddin Ayyubi & King Richard – I

When Salahuddin conquered Jerusalem in 1187, at the call of Pope, army of King Richard the Lionheart of England, King of France and Frederick Barbarossa of Germany attacked, but Salahuddin defeated Frederick’s forces in different battles.

Today day of conquered Baitul Muqaddas by Sultan Saladin Ayubbid

He was a great warrior, he was great and efficient ruler. Along with this there was also fair and kind heart. This is the reason that even the historians of Europe admire him in their honor and greatness.

King Richard – I “The Lionheart”

Once Richard, ruler of England, won fort of When Salahuddin Ayyubi saved King of England ‘Richard the Lionheart’ life during Accra Fort war from Muslims and then Muslim army surrounded the fort and war started. At the same time Richard fell ill and could not find a good doctor, then Salahuddin Ayyubi sent his doctor with medicines to Richard and got him treated.

Salahuddin Ayyubi as fifth Rashidun Caliph

Islamic historians even go as far as to say that after the Islamic Rashidun Caliphs, no one has become such skilled ruler, character and warrior. His campaigns at the end of twelfth century marked turning point between Christian-Muslim conflict, and European Christians who had come to occupy around Jerusalem were wiped out.

Despite defeating Christians in Crusades, his image in Europe is that of a skilled warrior and humble soldier. In 1898, King Wilhelm II of Germany also gave money to decorate Salauddin’s tomb.

“We are the sons of Muslims and all of us are Salahuddin”


At the time of his death, he had only few dirhams, because he used to spend his income for the welfare of people. At the time of his death, his friends also got rituals done together. Salahuddin’s fame can be made from the fact that children in Palestine sing his praises and say-

Nah Nu ul Muslimeen, Kullu Nas Salauddin” It means that we are the sons of Muslims and we are all Salauddin”

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