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Today day of conquered Baitul Muqaddas by Sultan Saladin Ayubbid

Tradition of remembering Islamic dates in India is slowly dying out. We should remember that today is October 2, the day of victory of Baitul Muqaddas, which the world knows as Jerusalem.

In 583 Hijri, in 1187 AD, the Baitul Muqaddas (The Holy House) and the first Qibla were conquered by the Sultan Saladin Ayubbid after the defeat of the Salibi. The Sunni Kurdish sultan, having succeeded in Jang Hatin, laid siege to Baitul Muqaddas, and the city was conquered after a siege that lasted from 20 September to 2 October.


After conquered Jerusalem, the Sultan did not indulge in any kind of bloodshed, which was done by the crusaders on the occasion of first crucifixion.

On July 4, 1187 AD, after a tremendous defeat in Hatin war, then-ruled Baitul Muqaddas of the Christian rulers weakened and many officials came under the captivity of Salahuddin Ayubi.

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In mid-September, Sultan Ayubi conquered Akka Nabels, Yafa, Saidun, Beirut and the other cities. Defeated Christians reached Tire, where Christian warriors who had fled the Battle of Hattin were also gathered, including the Balian Abelin.

He requested Salauddin Ayubi to allow him to go to Baitul Qaddas to bring back his family. Salauddin Ayyubi Rahmatullah Alaiah gave permission on the condition that he would not stay for more than 1 day.


But when Balian reached there, Queen Sabalia instructed him to take command of the army, assuming to defend the city. Balian began preparing for war and started accumulating a stock of food and weapons in the city.

Sham and the Egyptian army under the leadership of Salahuddin Ayyubi Rahmatullah Alayh also reached on 20 September 1187 after the unsuccessful encounter of Sur.

Talks took place between Salahuddin and Balian. Salauddin Ayyubi wanted to get the city without any bloodshed. But the Christian refused to leave Jerusalem without a fight and threatened that they would not completely hand over the city to the enemy but was ready to destroy it and die himself.

On the failure of the agreement, Salauddin Ayubi laid siege to the city. Salahuddin’s army stood in front of Brij Dawood and Bab-e Damascus and the archers launched the attack. Apart from this, stones were also thrown on the city through Manjniks. Salauddin Ayubi’s army tried to break the wall several times but failed.

Six days after the siege, Salauddin Ayubi’s army was sent to the other side of the city and the attack was continued from Jabal Olive’s side. On September 29, Muslim soldiers managed to demolish a part of the city wall. But the army did not enter the city immediately and continued to weaken the enemy’s military strength.

At the end of September, Balian laid down arms during a settlement with Salauddin Ayubi. Salauddin Ayubi told the fidiya of 20 for men, 10 for women and five for children. In return for those who could not pay this amount, Sultan Salahuddin Ayyubi Rahmatullah Alaiah himself paid it.

On 2 October, Balian handed over the keys of Brij Dawood to Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi. On this occasion, it was announced that all Christians are being given one month to pay the Phidiah, which has been increased by 50 days.

After Fatah Baitul Muqaddas, Salauddin Ayyubi’s biggest feat was that he did not take revenge on Christians for the massacre of Muslims that he had done after the Fatah in Baitul Muqaddas in 1099.

Rather, Salauddin Ayubi gave him concession to a great extent. After Fateh, Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi got the Baitul Muqaddas washed with rose roses.

The news of Fatah Baitul Muqaddas fell as lightning on the Christians of Europe, in response to which they declared the third crucifixion war. Simultaneously, Richards of England, Philip Augustus of France, Frederick Barbarossa of Germany under the supervision of a large Christian army left for the Betul Muqaddas.

Betul Muqaddas was occupied by Muslims continuously for about 761 years. Finally, in 1948, the Jewish Sultanate was established in the area of ​​Palestine by the betrayal of Mir Jafars, Mir Sadiqs of America, Britannia, France and half of Betul Muqaddas. Went into possession.

Israel captured Betul Muqaddas in the Arab Israel War of 1967 AD. Since then the internal war continues till now…

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