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Without fear and weary Indian Muslims group cremate those Hindus who died of Covid-19


Vadodara: A decision of Bombay High Court, 22 August on dirty corona politics and sponsored conspiracy to discredit Muslims was a big slap on the faces of dock media and those who were spreading religious hatred in our society.

This news is also like a slap on the face of those who have left no stone unturned to hold religious hatred towards Muslims since the beginning of Corona period.

It is the duty of all in the society to cremate the deceased proper. Keeping this in mind, a group of Muslims in Vadodara, Gujarat, performs the last rites of Hindus who died of coronavirus. In this they does not let the wall of religion come in.

they knows that while doing so, risking their life too, yet this group provides 24 hours service.

Maulana Mohammad Mohsin says, ‘We got a message from the municipality, they told us about a corpse. Similarly, we have to go to a dead body in someone’s home or hospital. After packing everyone we take updates of the crematorium or cemetery. Accordingly, we reach there and execute the last action.

This group of Muslims also includes doctors who ensure that every deceased gets the last respect he deserves. The group has been cremating the dead since beginning of the coronavirus.

Hussain Badami says, ‘We get calls every day about 25 to 30 dead bodies. All ambulances are run absolutely free. They was run on behalf of association during the lockdown. We get municipal updates through Piyush Patel Sir, Nitin Bhai and Ashok Kaka. Ashok Kaka informs us of empty slots in crematorium or cemetery. According to their information, we take the dead body.

This group of Muslims has become an example of mutual unity and brotherhood in the era of Corona epidemic.

Courtesy: BBC

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