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Assam looks like Rakhine: Killing innocent Muslim villagers and Crushing their dead body

A video has come from the Darrang district of the BJP-ruled Assam state, seeing which people got goosebumps. A horrifying incident like Rakhine in Burma has come to light from Darrang district of Assam where the houses of 800 Muslims family were forcibly demolished by the Assam Police by wrongly saying that they are illegal. On opposing the demolition, the local Muslims were brutally attacked by the Assam Police, in which 2 to 3 Muslims died.

As seen in the video, Assam police open firing on villagers. Meanwhile a Muslim villager holding stick drives out a policemen along with photographer Bijay Shankar Baniya who associated with Deputy Commissioner (DM) Office, Darrang District. Then other policemen openly shot dead him on camera and dozen of police force started beating him very badly.

Muslim villager, who were shot dead during saving him home from the Hindutva government illegally demolishing, immediately went died. After that photographer Bijay, started crushing his dead body by jumping on his chest & face. Bijay repeatedly jumped the face of Muslim villager and trampled him with his shoes. He misery did not end and  continued to mutilate his body by jumping continuously.


As seen in the horrific video, Bijoy Bonia, a fascist photographer associated with administration, throws a baton at the injured Muslim, jumps over him, tramples on the chest, kills him. Police force instead of stopping Bijoy, beaten to the Muslim person with sticks.

Fascist Bijoy Bonia again jumps on the corpse when some policemen pull him after seeing the camera. After this, a policeman hugs him and pacifies him. Seeing the video of the Assam Police and the photographer, everyone was shocked by the communal mindset. Democracy in Hindutva government has now become a death like Hitler era.


After the Taliban occupation in Afghanistan, Godi media cried a lot for the suffering Muslim Afghans. Godi media never sees the pain of the Muslims of India. In fact, Godi media has got an opportunity to defame Islam and Muslims on the pretext of Afghan-Taliban dispute. This Godi media does not see Indian Muslims getting lynched. The truth is that the leaders of the so called secular parties, which form the government on the votes of Muslims, always remain silent on all such ruthless incidents.

Mustafa Gilani
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