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Sadar of Waqf Naharshah Wali Dargah, Arab Ali Patel dancing with Bar Bala video goes viral


Bhopal: Dancing video with Bar Bala while wedding ceremony, Sadar of Waqf Naharshah Wali Dargah, Arab Ali Patel is costing dearly. After complaint of this matter reached Madhya Pradesh Waqf Board, board has decided to take strict action against Patel.

There have been many allegations against Arab Ali Patel earlier on embezzlement and disorder. But being in position as president of a religious place, immoral behavior is going to cause them to step down and cause social ruin.

Jameel Khan, CEO of Madhya Pradesh Waqf Board, said that the matter was reported through newspapers, news channels and social media.

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Apart from this, such complaints have also come to them from Indore District Waqf Committee President and the citizens. After which board has prepared to take action against Arab Ali.

Jamil Khan said that the cases of waqf are related to religious beliefs and customs. In such situation, moral behavior of its overseer and responsible should be very persistent.

Socially his immoral image can also cause harm to the Waqf and committee concerned. Also, beliefs of the people associated with this religious place can also be affected.

CEO said that Board had also received several complaints in past regarding Arab Ali Patel, president of Waqf Naharshah Wali Dargah Wali, who was asked to improve his conduct and keep the system in order.

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Despite this, latest case is not worth being forgiven in any way. Due to which a new committee will be formed for this Waqf after expelling Arab Ali.

Jamil Khan said that action being taken against Arab Ali, such efforts are being made in future for Waqf responsibilities.

He said that it would also be mandatory for committees to be made in the future that character certificates and physical verification of all the people joining committee be made.

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Sadar Arab Ali Patel of Waqf Dargah Naharshah Wali has been in controversies since the time of his appointment.

Many of his complaints have reached board about conducting untimely Urs, illegal recovery during Urs, messing up the amount of donations and keeping the dargah income in his personal account.

Corruption has also come to light regarding his appointment for a limited time during the Congress rule and its permanent later.

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