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America is conveying terrorists to Afghanistan?

According to Iran’s report, the Deputy Commander of Russia’s Central Military Forces has told in one of his addresses that American troops are currently transporting terrorists to Afghanistan.

Rustam Minkayef has told that we have strong evidence about this that terrorists are being brought to Afghanistan from Syria and Iraq.

He said that these terrorists are being brought to Afghanistan from areas of Syria and Iraq which are under the control of US troops.


However, even before the statement of this Russian official, there were reports that Daesh terrorists are being transported to Afghanistan by America.

Daesh’s terrorist activities in Afghanistan have also increased during the last few days. In some places Daesh carried out attacks targeting the Taliban, in which many members of the Taliban were killed.

US military airlift 40 Daesh terrorists in Syria from Al-Houl Prison to its base

In April 2021, ParsToday reported that the US military airlifting dozen of Daesh terrorist in Syria from Al-Houl Prison to its military base.

According to the report, Syria’s official news agency SANA was reported that “three US military helicopters and three attack helicopters landed in al-Shadadi Base.”


Al-Houl Prison lies east of Hasakah city and is run by the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) – an anti-Damascus alliance of predominantly Kurdish militants supported by Washington.

Two Iraqi terrorists, identified as Ziyad Idris (aka Abu Saif al-Iraqi), and Najdat Masoud Rida (aka Abu Bakr al-Furati), were among those airlifted to al-Shadadi.

In another news of Prensa Latina, there was reported that Damascus, Apr 13 (Prensa Latina) US forces transferred a new group of extremists belonging to the Islamic State (Daesh, in Arabic) by helicopter to the eastern Syrian province of Deir Ezzor, media reported.

Two US transport helicopters escorted by an Apache attack helicopter carried at least 50 terrorists to the Al-Omar oil field controlled by the US military in the northeast of Deir Ezzor, Ikhbariya TV reported.

America will have to accept Taliban government: Imran Khan

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan, referring to the current situation in Afghanistan, has said that there is a fear that the interim government to be formed there will collapse if no immediate assistance is given to the Taliban.

In an interview given to Turkey’s TRT, Imran Khan said that as a result of this there will be chaos and humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. According to Imran Khan, America will eventually have to accept the Taliban government.


He said that the Taliban may stand on their feet for some time, but if they do not get any help immediately, then there is a danger that the interim government of the Taliban to be formed in Afghanistan will collapse. In the event of the fall of the Taliban government, there could be unrest and anarchy in Afghanistan, which will result in a humanitarian crisis there.

When Imran Khan was asked about Islamabad’s recognition of Taliban’s government, he said that we are talking with neighboring countries of Afghanistan about when to accept Taliban’s government.

He said that if Pakistan accepts the Taliban government alone, it will not have much effect, so it should be that America, Europe, China and Russia should first recognize the Taliban government. According to Imran Khan, if not today or tomorrow America will have to accept the government of Taliban.

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