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Lars Wilkes: controversial cartoonist of Prophet painful died in road accident

Lars Wilkes: 75 old Swedish cartoonist “Lars Wilkes”, who sketched the Prophet e-Islam Hazrat Muhammad (S.W.), painfully death in a road accident (hit by a truck).

Lars was traveling in a police car on Sunday when both vehicles caught fire after the car capsized on the wrong side of the road and collided with a truck. This led to the death of cartoonist.


A 45-year-old truck driver was also seriously injured in the accident. He has been admitted to the nearest hospital. The accident is being investigated by special police officers.

Deadly attack on Lars Wilkes

In 2015, a gunman, Omar al-Hussein, opened fire on Lars Wilkes in front of the Krudtonden cafe when he was addressing some people. His life was saved in that incident. After this, Lars Wilkes was again attacked in 2011, when 51-year-old Colleen Larose, a resident of Pennsylvania, plotted to kill him.

Sweden’s police chief issued a statement saying, “This is very disappointing and sad news. Two of our colleague policemen have died in the accident. We extend our condolences to their family, relatives and friends.”

On the other hand, regarding the accident due to road accident, the police officer said that – “So far it is known that it was an accident. But the final decision has not been reached yet. The investigation is going on regarding the incident.”

Big dispute of Lars Wilkes

In 2007, cartoonist Lars Wilkes was in constant controversy for making a controversial cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad (S.W.). Since then, Lars Wilkes has been receiving constant death threats. He lived under police protection.


According to Swedish media reports, Lars car was a victim of an accident around 3 pm in Markrid, Kronoberg province, Sweden.

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