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More than 120 countries chose lawyer Karim Khan as lawyer of International Criminal Court


London: To become lawyer for International Criminal Court (ICC), which is responsible for justice against crimes like war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide around the world, is involved in difficult task under international law, which is called by UK lawyer Karim Khan did it.

Lawyer Karim Khan of UK has been appointed as Prosecutor of International Criminal Court (ICC). The 123 countries included in Rome Statute chose Khan by secret ballot.

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Explain that International Criminal Court was established under Rome Statute. Khan will now replace Fatuo Bensauda. Bensouda’s nine-year term ends in June.

Khan, an expert in international criminal law and international human rights law, got 72 votes more than the majority, while his closest rival, Fergel Gaynor of Ireland, got 42 votes.

Apart from this, Carlos Castresana Fernandez of Spain got five votes and Francesco Lo Voi of Italy got three votes. One member did not vote.

Richard Dicker, director of international justice in Human Right Watch, said, “Karim Khan’s selection as a lawyer came at a time when the ICC needed a qualified lawyer due to many challenges and pressures.” More than that.”

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